Our mission is to serve and educate people seeking natural forms of healing and self-care by providing information and easy to use, high quality products to enhance and support their lives.


It's our belief that when individuals mindfully participate in their own well-being, it helps to influence a ripple effect outward towards other people in their lives, their communities, and around the world.


Won't you join us?




Hi, I’m Tina, the founder of Starlight Affinity.


I've been around crystals my whole life, ever since my dad started buying me crystals & minerals to start my collection when I was a little girl. No wonder I have a passion for natural healing! As a Reiki Master with over 25 years of experience in meditation, personal transformation, and a degree in Mind/Body Transformational Psychology, I’m inspired to empower others. 


While working at a crystal boutique in 2012, I noticed that one crystal we sold was very popular for clearing “negative energy” and helping relieve physical ailments. We sold selenite to almost every client that came into the store, no matter the problem - fighting at home, headaches, stress in the workplace, "bad vibes" - you name it! I knew I needed to try it for myself, and as it turned out, it worked - and completely made me a believer. That's when I started developing my Crystal Pillows with my co-workers that I still make and sell today. 


My customers love my products, and I love providing a unique and convenient way to use crystals as a natural remedy for clearing energy, stress-relief, and self-care. Thanks for coming along this journey with me!

You may reach me at info@starlightaffinity.com